Forever Under Construction

This is the site for my personal brand. It will likely never evolve beyond this point, despite my best intentions. Look, I haven’t even changed the default header graphic or colors on this theme.

I build and sell stuff (plugins and web applications) for WordPress:

I founded a web agency and started doing client work in 2004, and I began working with WordPress full-time in 2010.

I’ve learned some stuff along the way. Some things worked well, and others less so. Some things I may be able to help you with…

  • I can give you guidance on WordPress products you’re working on. From the technical or business perspective. One-time or consistent (generally monthly) calls as you grow your product business. We can talk coding best practices or product pricing.
  • I can be your “Technical Co-Founder” (by the hour) It’s really hard to work with developers. It’s hard to get a straight answer. It’s hard to manage them. I know this from wrestling with myself (and managing a team) on a daily basis since 2004. Managing the constant technical tradeoffs and weighing them against business decisions can be exhausting. I can be your unbiased advocate, sanity check what your developer is telling you, perform code reviews, and talk about the tech in the broader context of your business goals.
  • I probably don’t have every answer, but I’ve made some good decisions over the years, and I’ve made tons of mistakes that I can save you from.

I can probably help you with your online business in some way. Maybe not, but the first call’s free, so you don’t have a compelling reason *not* to schedule a quick call, right?

Let’s chat! Just find a time below that works for you: